HAROLD is a men's luxury magazine ideal for anyone in search of the finest products, the greatest travel destinations, the most beautiful ARCHITECTURE and more.

HAROLD is always reaching for the most luxury brands when creating his next outfit. His taste is impeccable and he's easily the best-dressed at any occasion. He's always sure to select from top brands such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada and much more.

As a JETSETTER, HAROLD is a travel enthusiast, always ready for his next adventure to the most striking vacation spots. Having no preference, HAROLD will travel to anywhere that catches his eyes and captivates his heart.

HAROLD enjoys to keep up with the latest trends and absolutely loves hearing about the newest travel destinations, finding the latest toys and more. Join HAROLD in discovering the newest of JETSETTER escapes and more.

Architectural works of art can't help but excite and inspire HAROLD, and so he's always on the lookout for the newest creations across the globe. From Belgium to the private Islands of Indonesia, HAROLD wants to see it all.

We would love to work with you and feature the best of your collection. For business inquiries please email at advertising@haroldmagazine.com

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