Aspire to Inspire: Further Future

When you've been to one desert music festival, you've been to them all. Or so you think.

Enter Further Future. A combination of music, technology, gastronomy, and spiritual wellness, the festival takes place from April 29 - May 1 at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas.

Music at the festival features electronically inspired artists whose music spans across a bevy of genres. Artists such as HVCB and Stev will be showcasing their talents appearing on one of Further Future's 4 stages alongside numerous DJs and live acts. 

You won't have to worry about sub-par food at Further Future. Sake tastings, molecular gastronomy, and 24 hour selection gives you access to delicious food at all times. World renown chefs have curated delicious menus specifically for the pop-up diners at the festival. Chef Frank Gorriceta from Nobu Omakase is one such  example, having crafted a delectable menu that includes dishes such as King Crab Amasu and Salmon Nashi Pear. Tables must be pre-booked in advance and 80% of the tickets are gone for certain tables so be sure to get yours soon.

The Ablyss Spa offers a space for spiritual wellness and relaxation. Heal, detox, and recharge physically and mentally. Take part in yoga and meditation sessions, or lie back and get a massage. Hair washes and IV drips are also available. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Further Future is their Vision Speaker series that will take place during Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There will be talks on the future of media, technology, web, and so much more. Jane West is set to feature a talk about the hot topic issue the future of cannabis. Whether you stay to listen to all speakers or just one, you'll be sure to leave inspired. 

Visit their website for more information.

Image and Information Source Further Future 


Aspire to Inspire: Further Future