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As more and more men continue to say to hell with their razors and toss them in the trash the question of how to properly care for one's beard arises.

There are a lot of top tier brands coming out with grooming products catering to the recent trend of beards and man-buns but for those who are in the beard business for the long haul (and even those who are just embracing it for the moment) should look to Topher's Beard Company.

A budding business located near Toronto, Topher's Beard Company was established in 2015 by Topher Makkreel. After making the decision to not shave his beard, Topher went in search of some quality beard oil. Not satisfied, he began looking into quality oils and before he knew it, he had discovered an invigorating and moisturizing concoction he wanted to share with the world. After playing around with some cool scents (Drunken Pirate, Tiger Tails, and Whiskey & Woodsmoke are just a few) a beard care line was created and Topher's Beard Company was on its way. A short while later, the company began experiments with old fashioned hot and cold process soaps and another line was born. The soap is animal and palm cruelty free which is an added bonus to the already amazing products. Topher's Beard Company also features Dead Sea salt products and a unique line called Clean Holes which is a natural deodorant and bacteria neutralizer for those with troublesome piercings.

The Beard Oil which is a blend of over six different oils including jojoba oil for moisture, almond oil to soothe itches and promote growth, and rice bran oil which aids in UV protection, gives shine, and promotes thickness.

The Beard Balm is oil based and contains many of the same essential oils as the Beard Oil but also contains Shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax for some hold.

Both have been curated for function and for absorption meaning they do wonders for your skin and hair without clogging pores or leaving you with greasy facial hair.They can be used in tandem or individually.

The Beard Balm and Beard Oil retail for $19 each and come in 11 different scents. Get them here.


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