Travel at Supersonic Speed with Boom

Sometimes the worst part about flying is the travel time.

If you don't have the luxury of siting in first class, cramped spaces and turbulence can be a true test of patience and humility. Not to mention, the hours spent on the plane really cut down on quality time better spent soaking in the sun or having fun with the family. Luckily those at Boom are working to change this. With their new airline, Boom intends to be the fastest passenger airplane that can travel at supersonic speeds. It will be able to travel 2.6x faster than any other airline at a swift Mach 2.2 (that's 1451 mp/h and 2335 km/h). What the means is you'll be able to travel from Los Angeles to Sydney in just six hours as opposed to the regular 15. That's half a day saved. Boom also plans to make their trips affordable at business class prices. 

They're currently building the prototype, experimenting with jet engines and carbon fibre. The first test flight is expected to take place next year at Centennial Airport. 

Information and Images sourced from Boom.

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