Compact Design Space: Kasita Micro Home

Simple yet full is what Kasita Micro Home is all about. They’ve created the perfect tiny house that is functional and yet compact. It has all the modern features of a regular-sized house and utilizes every bit of space to cut down on unnecessary junk. By creating a simple micro home, Kasita is giving you the space for things that actually matter. The Kasita home is perfect for adventurers, creators, and innovators, giving you more time to do the things that you love and your own space to do it in without the hefty price tag. Kasita is a home for the modern person with the latest in smart tech technology including built-in speakers, laundry facilities, and lighting. Its compact design means that the Kasita can be put anywhere and used in lots of different ways including guest house, art studio, mobile office, or a rural retreat. With the Kasita Micro Home, the possibilities are endless so dream big.

They currently have a beta-version available so pre-order yours now at:

Source: Kasita


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