Disappearing in Uruguay: Reflective Cabins at Sacromonte Landscape Hotel

Nestled within the wild sierras of eastern Uruguay, Sacromonte is a 250-acre remote landscape with 13 hotel cabins, a vineyard, and a hilltop farm-to-table restaurant. The unique ecosystem surrounding Sacromonte’s location offers a private and exclusive hospitality complete with fine wines and unique architecture, done by local firm MAPA Arquitetos.

Set atop mild hills, the modular prefabricated cabins are faced towards the young vineyards, lush greens, spring water streams and reservoirs of the Landscape Hotel; the placement of the guest beds near the fronts of each cabin allows visitors to take in the view from the comfort of their beds. Smoked-glass facades surround the fronts of each hotel cabin, allowing guests to disappear with their cabin and immerse themselves deep into the landscape. The rear of each cabin, in keeping with its rugged, natural surroundings, are built with stacked logs reminiscent of traditional cabin design. The front decks of each cabin are built according to their distinct locations, and each deck contains a small, private circular pool with panoramic views of its surrounding hills and vineyards. Starting at $700 USD per night, Sacromonte’s modern and sustainable take on an exclusive winery experience is an intoxicating production that offers the best of Uruguayan nature and design, all in the unique and private setting of a reflective cabin.

Photos: MAPA Arquitetos

Source: Sacromonte Hotel/ MAPA Arquitetos


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