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Oceanco has combined timeless and modern design into one Superyacht. Inspired by the ancient hollowed out vessels of the Polynesians, the Tuhura Superyacht's exterior recalls the early canoes of the Polynesian society while the interior is coated in teak, gunmetal and and bronze often seen in East Asian and Pacific cultures. In collaboration with the Lobanov Design Studio, BMT Nigel Gee and interior designer Archille Salvagni, Oceanco has unveiled the Superyacht to beat them all.

The Tuhura Superyacht is a category of it's own. With state of the art technology and design, the Superyacht is categorized as a 'smart boat,' with the help of custom design label LuxLab, Van Berge Henegouwen, the Tuhura contains HVAC, lighting, audio and video controls as well controls monitoring behaviour abroad regarding music and temperature preferences. The Tuhura is equipped with a hybrid Azipod CRP propulsion system that enables the 115-Meter Tuhura to move at speeds of up to 18 knots. The sleek exterior enables for smooth sailing while the interior supports various layouts to suit your needs, available to be designed in any size from 80-120 meters in length. Relax on the upper or lower deck of the Tuhura Superyacht or spend a calming night by the fire inside the luxurious living space. The release of the Tuhura is still to be determined

Source: Oceanco Tuhura Superyacht

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