Dry Creek Valley Residence: John Maniscalco Architects

Overlooking the hillside of Dry Creek Valley, John Maniscalco Architecture's Dry Creek Residence is a sight worth seeing. The floor and vineyards of the Dry Creek Valley can be seen from all angels in the Dry Creek Residence, optimizing on the breathtaking views of the landscape. The line between indoor and outdoor is blurred by the perfectly framed views of the valley below, connecting the residence with the dramatic nature that surrounds it. John Maniscalco Architects used minimal architectural moves when rebuilding and expanding the residence, ensuring not to change the fundamental relationship of the structure and the site.

The original ranch home that occupied the site was integrated into the design. The elements of the home have been split into 3 distinct wings, separating the public living spaces from private living spaces, private bedroom areas and guesthouse. A large infinity pool is the centerpiece of the residence, intended to create a sense of reflection and spatial extension of the dramatic Sonoma skies.

Photos: Blake Marvin Photography

Source: John Maniscalco Architecture


Dry Creek Valley Residence: John Maniscalco Architects