Find Yourself in Nature with The Vipp Shelter – Sweden

Get away to the Swedish wilderness and experience the sanctuary of the 55 square-meter hideaway that awaits you. The shelter is designed in a dark-toned interior and exterior, ensuring that nothing distracts you from the beauty of the surrounding area. Check out from everyday life and listen to the soft, silent sounds of nature and the warmth of the crackling fireplace. Designed by vipp chief designer Morten Bo Jensen, the residence is meant to amerce guests in the tranquility of nature. The hideaway can accommodate up to four guests at any time and features one main bed for two people in a lofted upper storey, another bed at a lower level, a fully-equipped kitchen, fireplace and bath. The walls of the shelter are large windows enabling natural light and a spectacular view of the Swedish wilderness.

Source: Vipp Shelter

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