Flexibility Meets Pragmatism in Flavio Castro’s Box House

Flavio Castro's new home design hits all the right notes. Sitting on a low density residential neighbourhood in São Paulo, the Box House is a rectangular residence that combines both clever design and modern living. The design of the Box House was to maintain a distinct level of privacy while creating an open, modern space. Studio FC lifted the 'opaque' element of the residence up to the first floor and enclosed the master bedroom and bathroom to create a discrete space at the top of the home. The ground floor of the Box House meanwhile, has been freed up to be entirely dedicated to living spaces, such as the living room, kitchen and dinning area that combine the interior and exterior of the home through large sliding doors leading to the lush green garden. Box House is designed of metal, wood and bare concrete to create a utilitarian feel and add texture to the urban home. While Flavio Castro's home was originally designed to serve as a one-bedroom residence, the structure is flexible and can be easily transformed into a two-bedroom abode. 

Source: FC Studio

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