HAROLD Travels to the Desert

Something cool is happening in the desert.

For the second year, Denim & Desert is happening down in Joshua Tree, California. The two day event curated by Juniper Ridge is considered somewhat of an anti-trade show, Denim & Desert is not about showing off fancy new products. It's about getting back into the nitty gritty of things and building a community between vendor and consumer. It's a place where you'll find American style, high quality, workshop made fashion. Where you participate in a perfume making workshop (Juniper Ridge). Where you learn how to make herbal tea medicine (Fat & the Moon). Get a haircut, clean up or trim (Byrd) and then finish it all off with a new tattoo to commemorate your time there (courtesy of Matt Decker). With over 30 different vendors, you'll find something suited to pique your interests.

Taking place on February 17th & 18th this year, you can visit their website for more information.

Source: Desert & Denim 

Check out their video below:


HAROLD Travels to the Desert