HAROLD’s Favorite Fish and Chip Bar: Smallfry

Sans Arc Studio have outdone themselves with their latest design for the new off-beat seafood bar. The newest fish and wine bar to hit Adelaide, Smallfry, adds a unique twist to the classic fish and chip experience. The bar is a clear favorite for HAROLD, and it’s not just because of the gorgeous contemporary design, the Japanese twist that the restaurant incorporates in the classic dishes will leave you lining up for seconds. The design of the bar, like its dishes, incorporates a contemporary and unique twist on the nostalgic “fish shop” design. Sans Arc Studio has added an immersive and textural experience in the space, the kitchen layout is designed to ensure a close collaboration between client and chef throughout the prep, cooking and service experience. The exterior of the restaurant features a large window facing the kitchen, enabling a connection between the restaurant and the street, the wood clad exterior of the space also adds a sense of warmth and refined quality to the space.

Source: Smallfry Seafood

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