HAROLD’S MEN: Nuno Gama Says

HAROLD's choice for this week's influential man; come and meet International Men's Fashion Designer Nuno Gama from Lisbon, Portugal:

1.What item do you regret buying the most or are embarrassed of?

My fur jackets.

2.What is your favorite underwear brand?

I don't really have a favorite brand, by choice is always dependent on the relationship between quality and design.

3.What’s your favorite color for the winter (aside from black)?

I am very interested in Atlantic Blues at the moment.

4.Where is your go to get away city?

The mystic Arrábida, beautiful city in my Portugal.

5.What is your choice hotel to stay at?

Anywhere in Mozambique, especially at the Quirimbas Archipelago Islands. Have not had a bad experience.

6.What is your favorite cocktail?

Red Wine and Gin and Tonic, keep it classic.

7. Who is your favorite artist?

I'm now in love with Stimming (Alpe Lusia).

8.What accessory is a must for your fall wardrobe?

Leather shoes forever!

9.What do you think the fashion world is lacking for men?

Male authenticity

10.Besides yourself, what men’s designer do you love?

I really don't have a favorite. I like some pieces in collections sometimes, it varies.


HAROLD’S MEN: Nuno Gama Says