HAROLD’S MEN: Jewelry Designer Luis Morais Says

Introducing HAROLD's Men; come and meet Jewelry Designer Luis Morais:

1.What do you think are the top trends for the Fall/Winter?

Blue denim all the way, the 90's are coming back!

2.What item do you regret buying the most or are embarrassed by?

A very expensive iPad case...I never used it!

3. What is your favorite brand of underwear?

Calvin Klein's 100% cotton low rise briefs.

4.What’s your favorite color for the winter (aside from black)? 

Grey and all its hues!

5.Where is your go to get away city?

You can never go wrong with Miami, it's the best!

6.What is your favorite restaurant and menu item?

My favorite restaurant right now is Casa Oaxaca in Oaxaca, Mexico. Order everything on the menu, it's delicious!

7.What is the best hotel you stayed at this year?

The best hotel I stayed at this year was the newly opened Verride Palacio in Lisbon, Portugal. Verride Palacio is a renovated and restored hotel with a beautiful 18th-century palace.

8.What accessory is a must for your Fall wardrobe?

A felt hat by Gigi Burris.

9.Who is your favorite artist?

Pierre Soulage, his work is fantastic.

10. Who is your favorite shoe designer?

Too many to choose from, but I have to say, Rick Owens.


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