Jim Jannard’s Trousdale House by iD Group – Los Angeles

Jim Jannard's Trousdale House is every architecture lover's dream home! Overlooking nearly all of Los Angeles, the home is a modern-day Stonehenge with a palette of concrete and steel creating a monolithic presence. Jim Jannard's Trousdale House is a one story structure that forms an 18,000 square-foot arc on the cliffside area, allowing for the spectacular view of the city below. The center of the home is the main living area where floor-to-ceiling windows stand in place of concrete walls, allowing natural light to enter the home and opening the view to the infinity pool located at the back of the home, overlooking the cityscape. The one-stroy structure features a gorgeous and edgy chrome kitchen, a custom made fireplace and a very minimalist and modern use of space, with large quantities of open spaces only divided by large concrete columns.

Source: iD Group - Jim Jannard's Trousdale House

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