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Portugal has quickly become one of the hottest countries for tourism within the last couple of years, and the nine island's that surround the country's continent are still waiting to be explored. On the island of São Miguel, the largest of the nine, you can find WHITE Exclusive Suites & Villa's awaiting your arrival. The breathtaking islands are most famous for their natural beauty so it's no surprise that the hotel has been restored from one of the most beautiful 18th-century summer homes clinging to the cliff tops of the island. The hotel has been renovated into nine suites and one villa, each coated in whitewashed walls with black basalt, minimalist decor that draw on the island's natural colors, large flagstones and a large infinity pool cut along the side of the cliff, opening up the view to the limitless Atlantic ocean. Explore the rich culture of São Miguel, taste the limpets with garlic parsley and lime, freshly caught scorpion fish wrapped din melt-in-your-mouth tempura, and the sweet, local pineapple that grows throughout the magnificent island.

Source: WHITE Exclusive Suites & Villas

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