Micro- Brewery and Bottle Shop Conversion: Galaxy Bar

Drawing inspiration from Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich, Monoloko Design have transformed a neoclassical Moscow store into a unique micro-brewery and bottle shop, Galaxy Bar. Monoloko Design's intent was to create an imaginative, open space and monochrome scheme for the brewery. Galaxy Bar contains a three-dimensional geometric furnishing, inspired by the fundamental principles of Supermatism and mono-material. The bar is designed in a moon-grey marble and industrially-edged wooden booths are scattered throughout the brewery, the minimal design inspires a pure, bright design that facilitates the release of the mind and expansion of human perceptions. The space is illuminated by a snaking, polyurethane-coated neon pipe-light tracing overhead, brightening the monochrome deep blue walls of the bar.

Source: Monoloko Design/Galaxy Bar

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