Nowhere to Eat – Bangkok, Thailand

Nowhere, a newly opened restaurant in Bangkok, uses a standard design feature in a new and unexpected way to create a stunning interior with layers of meaning and interpretation behind it. Stu/D/O, the innovative architects behind the project, use stairs as their main design feature, however, these are not like normal stairs. The stairs serve as an art sculpture rather than as a way to move between floors. Stu/D/O uses the stairs to juxtapose surrealism and realism to reinterpret the idea of “Nowhere”, which is exactly where the stairs lead. The stairs run in two continuous loops throughout the restaurant, with the last appearing to vanish into the sky, truly emphasizing this concept. Nowhere serves as a breakfast venue for guests during the day and transform into a restaurant and bar in the evening.

Source: NOWHERE Restaurant & Bar by Stu/D/O

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