Remote Adventure at Deplar Farm in Iceland

When you step inside this remote farm in the Fljot valley in northern Iceland, you are taken to another world. Originally a sheep farm, the structure has been converted into a luxury modern retreat with 13 en-suite bedrooms. The design of the space pays homage to the rustic landscape and history as well as referencing the Icelandic culture. It’s the perfect place if you are looking to relax and let go of everyday stresses or experience adventure. This region in Iceland is famous for their heavy snowfall and the roads are often closed during the winter which makes it the perfect escape. The area offers a range of adventures and activities including hiking, skiing, and fishing. Iceland also experiences long days and short nights and people come from all over to view the Northern Lights in all their glory. If you are looking to experience a new kind of getaway, Deplar Farm should be on your list.

Source: Eleven Experience


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