Nowhere to Eat – Bangkok, Thailand

Nowhere, a newly opened restaurant in Bangkok, uses a standard design feature in a new and unexpected way to create a stunning interior with layers of meaning and interpretation behind it. Stu/D/O, the innovative architects behind the project, use stairs as their main design feature, however, these are not like normal stairs. The stairs serve […]

Luxury Living at Edition: Monk Mackenzie Architects

With its handmade Italian glass brick façade, Edition, in Parnell, Auckland looks like it is straight out of the future. Offering just nineteen spacious, modern apartments inside, exclusivity adds to its appeal. The buildings interior is beautifully designed to compliment its bold exterior, with each living space made to optimize sunlight year-round from its floor-to-ceiling […]

Escape to Alpine Luxury at the 7132 Hotel

Why travel to the hot tropics when you can experience the majestic wonders of the Swiss Alps? HAROLD’s getting the luxury alpine experience in the Swiss village of Vals at the 7132 Hotel. The hotel includes a luxury spa, designed by Peter Zumthor and constructed from 60,000 slabs of locally-quarried quartzite and six indoor and […]

Organic Brew by Krone

This Norwegian brewing company knows whats best, and their Organic Pilsner doesn’t shy too far away from the best. The beer recipe is simple, brewed with only four organic raw materials leaving a light and balanced taste. It’s no wonder it has been named Krone, Norwegian for ‘Crown,’ Beer. Perfectly balanced and bold in taste […]

HAROLD’S MEN: Nuno Gama Says

HAROLD’s choice for this week’s influential man; come and meet International Men’s Fashion Designer Nuno Gama from Lisbon, Portugal:1.What item do you regret buying the most or are embarrassed of? My fur jackets.2.What is your favorite underwear brand?I don’t really have a favorite brand, by choice is always dependent on the relationship between quality and […]

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