The Barcode House by Webber + Studio

The Barcode House gets its name from its vertical facade and raised metal sliding. The front exterior of the home is painted white, featuring a front-facing garage and decked steps leading along the left side to an orange-coloured door. The interior of the home offers a warmer hue, clad in plywood walls, concrete floors and […]

FSY House by REMMY Architects

REMMY Architects have envisioned a concrete masterpiece in the form of the FSY House. Located in Buenos Aires, the FSY House is a gorgeous concrete structure in the middle of the lush, green landscapes of the surrounding golf course. The house features an indoor swimming pool, personal spa, spacious bedroom and living area clad in […]

WH House by M3 Architects – Ukraine

Clean lines and mirrors make up the design elements of the WH House by M3 Architects. The façade and sleek black and white palette of the contemporary exterior add an interesting contrast against the backdrop of the building. The building is actually made up of two structures that are connected to become a luxury, apartment-style […]

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