Organic Brew by Krone

This Norwegian brewing company knows whats best, and their Organic Pilsner doesn’t shy too far away from the best. The beer recipe is simple, brewed with only four organic raw materials leaving a light and balanced taste. It’s no wonder it has been named Krone, Norwegian for ‘Crown,’ Beer. Perfectly balanced and bold in taste […]

HAROLD’s Matchless Coffee Soda

Locally roasted, flash chilled, perfectly sweetened and carbonated, Matchless Coffee Soda is definitely more than just another cold brew coffee. Matchless Coffee Soda is brewed in large quantities for optimal extraction rate, ensuring that the coffee’s origin is fully exposed in every drop. Funded by Kickstarter, Matchless Coffee Soda will soon be available in a […]

HAROLD’s RIDE: Vagabund x BMW Custom R100

Vagabund Moto motorcycle company and BMW have collaborated to redesign the classic 1992 model. Fusing the concepts of a classic cafe racer and a scrambler, the Austrian motorcycle customizers and BMW have created a superior ride, both in style and ability. The rear bump and the headlight, which pays a small homage to the new […]

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