The AI-Enabled GT Hypercar We’ve Been Waiting For: Rimac’s C_Two

Revealed recently at the Geneva Motor Show, Rimac’s newest C_Two is an impressive, pure electric GT hypercar that is equally capable on track and on cross-continental drives. Reaching 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds, the C_Two has a true hypercar top speed of 412 km/h. Aerodynamic designs are incorporated into the hood, front splitter, rear wing, and floor of the car to regulate draft and temperature for maximum efficiency and performance. Bespoke tyres developed with Pirelli, in addition to bespoke electric motors, are designed to perfectly suit the car’s outstanding capabilities.

The GT’s ‘Driving Coach’ function inside its on-board systems allows the driver to display selected racetracks and receive guidance on steering inputs, braking and acceleration points, and racing lines. Rimac’s GT experience also includes a C_Two-exclusive secondary ‘Co-driver’s display’ for the passenger that shows the car’s current functionality. The C_Two’s AI-enabled ADAS allows for fully adaptive cruise control (including traffic pilot), collision risk prediction, automatic braking and evasive control, and a system that adapts to the weather, changing driving strategies accordingly.

The C_Two’s spacious interior comes equipped with all the tools needed on a longer drive, including wireless phone charging stations, generous luggage space in the rear trunk for two travellers, and wide-opening butterfly doors that pave the way for elegant entry and egress. Electric and self-driving, the Rimac C_Two combines tomorrow’s technological practicality with the extravagant performance of a GT hypercar.

Source: Rimac C_Two

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