The Armani x Bugatti Capsule Collection

Giorgio Armani has collaborated with Bugatti to released a limited edition collection

This marks the first time that the Italian and French brands have collaborated together to create items that timeless, sleek, and elegant.

"It was very natural to come together with Bugatti. We both worship things that are made well, made to last, created out of the best materials. The capsule condenses this encounter in a series of clothes and accessories designed to be worn by men who only look for the best and who live an active and dynamic lifestyle" - Giorgio Armani

The capsule collection is set to launch in the autumn/winter season of 2016-2017. The accessories and garments will feature details that reference Bugatti's signature motifs - the horseshoe shaped emblem is seen on pendants for the bags, and Bugatti's iconic blue appears on the linings of bags, pockets, and insoles of footwear.

The collection will be available at select Giorgio Armani boutiques and in Ettore Bugatti lifestyle boutiques.

Information and Images sourced from Armani and Bugatti


The Armani x Bugatti Capsule Collection