WH House by M3 Architects – Ukraine

Clean lines and mirrors make up the design elements of the WH House by M3 Architects. The façade and sleek black and white palette of the contemporary exterior add an interesting contrast against the backdrop of the building. The building is actually made up of two structures that are connected to become a luxury, apartment-style house. The shape of the buildings is an L-shape with a central courtyard that features two swimming pools and a spa. Adjacent to the outdoor space is the main living area which includes a kitchen, dining room, and living room in an open-concept layout. A statement piece of the house is the glazed staircase which leads to the private living areas which include private bathrooms, wardrobe, and terrace that overlooks the courtyard below. Each bedroom is built like a separate unit, offering each resident a private escape from the rest of the house and the hustle of the urban environment outside.

Source: M3 Architects


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