Merge Architects Presents Their Grow Box

Founded by Elizabeth Whittaker, the 2015 recipient of the AIA Young Architects Award, Merge Architects has made a name for itself through the firm’s innovative and artistic approach to design. Renowned for it’s use of digital and hand-design, this firm is certainly one to watch. Each project unites the needs of the client with the urban focus of the firm.

The “Grow Box”, completed in 2016, sits among exquisite plantings and a variety of Japanese maple trees in Lexington, MA. Restrained by the surrounding gardens, Merge Architects worked with the landscape to expand the space past the physical limitations of the house. This yielded the result of a central courtyard, hosting several slot gardens and a Himalayan birch tree. In addition to its beauty, the courtyard is also functional in its ability to collect rain and snow.

The sharp geometry of the house is lessened by the use of weathered steel that has the appearance of tree trunks. This material works to reflect the surroundings of the “Grow Box”, rather than contrast them. Inside, the home has 3 bedrooms, each with a garden view, 2 bathrooms, an office, and a basement workshop.

The functionality and beauty of this house encapsulates the values and desires of the client while demonstrating the creativity of the avant-garde Merge Architects.

Source: Merge Architects

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