Electric Feel with the Puro Hotel – Gdansk, Poland

The city of Gdansk, Poland is a must travel spot this year for the cultural enthusiast and Puro Hotel is the place to stay! The electric hotel found its home right on the Matlawa river standing on Granary Island. The hotel design plays with the Industrial and nautical influence from the city and its historical presence. With over 200 guest rooms with spectacular views of the Old City's landscape or the hotel's glasshouse-like corridor. An adjacent building houses the Dancing Anchor Restaurant, a Spa and rooftop bar where guests can enjoy a drink while admiring the landscape and old rooftops of Gdansk. The hotel's interior was conceived by DeSallesFlint, a London-design studio that has mixed both the history of the city and modern electric elements. The interior and exterior of the building showcases a variety of architectural elements and materials, from glass through concrete bricks, the hotel stands as a symbol of the city's history and the influenced by the city's surrounding architecture.

Source: Puro Hotel

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