Limited Edition: Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection Wraith & Dawn

Rolls-Royce Motors have just designed the luxury car to beat. The Adamas Collection Wraith & Dawn are inspired by the Black Badge models and as 'untameable" as the name suggests. These flagship versions of the respected coupe and convertible Wraith and Dawn models, the Adamas Collection are made from 294 layers of aerospace garden fiber and are set on a darkened titanium base.

The new models are available in only two colors, Aphrodite Red and Morpheus Blue, underneath a black base, creating a two-tone look in the Spirit of Ecstasy ornaments. The exterior of the Wraith and Dawn is completed with black grille vanes, while a clock featuring a Black Badge infinity symbol coated with 88 black diamonds highlights the interior.1,340 individual fiber optic lights and carbon diamond motifs line the starlight headliner, resembling the molecular structure of carbon as it becomes a diamond.

The Adamas Collection Wraith and Dawn is a limited edition collection, with an exclusive number of 40 Wraiths and just 30 Dawns. The release of the Adamas Collection is still to be determined, and we simply cannot wait.

Source: Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection

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