A Not-so-Traditional Mexican Taquería: El Califa

El Califa has a new look and a new home! The new taquería is hitting the streets of Mexico City's Avenida de los Insurgentes. Now sitting on one of Mexico City's busiest streets and they are taking names. Esrawe Studio has reinterpreted the model of the traditional Mexican taquería, drawing inspiration from the taco itself, the restaurant's design offers a mosaic-like repetition of the circular tortilla. White circular tiles coat the walls of the restaurant and bar in an effort to denote the infinite ways in which a tortilla can be folded. The exterior of the restaurant contains a glass wall, opening the interior to the outside world, inviting passers by into the restaurant. The tortilla oscillating pattern can be seen on the glass wall as well, functioning as a transition between the restaurant and the city. The restaurant features an open kitchen, connecting the diner with both the taquero and the tacos, similar to the unique origins of the cuisine.

Get ready for all your favorite classic tacos, reinvented. The talented chefs at El Califa have hand-crafted and finessed the same old-school tacos you love; the bistec, costilla, el pastor and carnitas, all available with made-to-order guacamole.

Photos by: Camila Cossio

Source: El Califa

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