Aircraft Factory Conversion: Gucci Headquarters

Gucci's newest headquarters has found its home in the renovated industrial, former aircraft factory in Milan. Located in the eastern suburbs of the fashion capital, Studio Piuarch has transformed the site into a large complex which now includes offices, a showroom, spaces to hold fashion shows, graphic design space, a canteen and restaurant. The original elements of the 1915 factory have been restored and enhanced in the new office complex. Various industrial warehouses are set out in a regular pattern across the site with a spatial layout that creates a seamless interaction between the interior and exterior of the buildings. A central pedestrian path set along the middle of the site connects the axis to a large covered internal plaza. A six-storey tower is incorporated into the industrial fabric of the warehouses, the volume and glass facade breaks down the site's symmetry, setting a powerful chromatic relation with the exposed brick of the low-level warehouses.

Source: Piuarch/ Gucci Milan Headquarters

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