Blending Tranquility and Modernity: Li Man Shen Mi Ji Hotel

Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design team have restored an old Chinese complex into a gorgeous, elegant boutique hotel, Li Man Shen Mi Ji Hotel. Yunnan province is known for it's tranquil landscapes, enabling the province to become the leading hot spot for unique and creative home-stay hotels. The town of Lijiang is home to one of the most isolated and special hotels in the area. Yiduan Shanghai has incorporated a modern ink painting style to the design, bringing a poetic and innovative annotation to the building's renovation, with new vitality being brought to the waste materials of the old building. The hotel features a 7-meter long slab for a reception desk, leading into a VIP tea room, Yiduan Shanghai have used this technique as a means to subvert the traditional reception mode.

Li Man Shen Mi Ji Hotel contains 10 rooms, each with its own, unique feature, while simple and unsophisticated, each room is designed of raw materials in simple colours to match the surroundings. Yiduan Shanghai have maintained the load-bearing columns of the original building and used them to divide the area while the black steel plates seen around the hotel represent the main theme.

Source:Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design

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