Hillside Living at Casa H – Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

Located on a hillside on the coast of Chile, Casa H is a contemporary concrete structure set against the rugged Chilean landscape. Four main longitudinal beans are supported by only four walls that create the entire structure. These beams frame the exterior of the structure, creating the base for bedrooms and entrance space. Felipe Assadi Arquitectos incorporated a horizontal design for the structure, creating a balance over the rough terrain and various overhangs and floating terraces around the structure. The concrete exterior creates a juxtaposition against the natural land that lies below it, while the rich wood floors of the interior provide a warm contrast against the dark, concrete hues of the structures exterior. Floor-to-ceiling windows coat the walls facing the ocean, ensuring stunning views of the landscape and lead to the expansive balcony hugs the length of the house.

Source: Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

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