Discover Louis Vuitton’s New Men’s Fragrance

Louis Vuitton’s new ‘Les Parfums’ for men are an homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-discovery and revelation. Marc Newson, who designed the bottles for the woman’s fragrance collection 2 years prior, used a similar design for the new men’s collection. The Fragrances: ORAGE: Demanding attention, Louis Vuitton’s ORAGE is a majestic and […]

DECIEM’s Look Good Molecule: The Hyaluronic Molecule

The Hyaluronic Molecule by Deciem is a concentrated beauty supplement with Hyaluronic Acid that helps keep skin looking plump and healthy. Hyaluronic Molecule is vegan, cruelty-free and nut free. The supplement includes water, sweetener xylitol, natural ginger flavor, hyaluronic acid, preservative citric acid, potassium sorbate, and zingiber officinale root oil. $38 per 8 fl. oz.  Source: […]

Sensitive Skincare for Men: Lqd

With no skin irritants, Lqd skincare is the gentlest skincare that you will ever try. The Australian brand wanted to create a line of products that would stand up under the harsh climates and conditions of the continent. The brand uses both anti-oxidant and active ingredients to leave you with smooth and hydrated skin. Their […]

Mr. Burberry for Mr. Beard

Got a beard? We’ve got you covered.Mr. Burberry is Burberry’s newest beard oil for the gents who like to keep their facial hair in check. The lightweight nourishing oil is made up of sesame, jojoba and argan oils and a memorable scent of cardamom, cedar and guaiac wood.To moisturize and condition, all you need is […]

Hone it in for a Superior Shave

The new brass razor by HONE Products is a modern take on a classic safety razor. The Type 15 Razor is made from brass, a material favoured by the nautical world for its weight and reliability. The double edged safety razor fits comfortably in your hand, is the recipient of Gold Award from F Design Award […]

The Gentleman’s MANIFESTO

Do you solemnly swear to always look good? If you do, then you should check out MANIFESTO, the newest place for the London man to get groomed.Founded by Corrado Tevere and Mikey Pearson, the two have a combined 32 years of award winning experience. Their impressive career history boasts of having worked for Maison Margiela […]

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