Discover the Tuhura Superyacht – Oceanco

Oceanco has combined timeless and modern design into one Superyacht. Inspired by the ancient hollowed out vessels of the Polynesians, the Tuhura Superyacht’s exterior recalls the early canoes of the Polynesian society while the interior is coated in teak, gunmetal and and bronze often seen in East Asian and Pacific cultures. In collaboration with the […]

Old-School Boxing at The Burrow, Kuwait

Located opposite the Sahara Kuwait Golf Club, The Burrow is an elite fitness centre that houses the region’s first commercial boxing gym, introducing and popularizing modern boxing equipment in the area. The fitness centre is split up into several rooms and studios that are devoted for different types of workouts (and a Juice Bar!), including […]

HAROLD’s Gin: Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin

Running like pure gold through your glass, Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin takes on a gold colour thanks to a rose hip flower extract. This is not your typical gin but a better, more vibrant mixture. A handcrafted masterpiece in a glass. Fused with 12 carefully selected aromatic botanicals and distilled in a century-old copper pot, […]

Ducati Scrambler by Aellamabler

The newest motorcycle from Aella, a motorcycle design company in Japan was made to be customized for your needs. The new Ducati Scrambler was made to represent the very best of the Scrambler, putting the trellis frame and engine on full display, the custom motorcycle is ready for the road. The perfect bike, both in […]

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