Discover Louis Vuitton’s New Men’s Fragrance

Louis Vuitton's new 'Les Parfums' for men are an homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-discovery and revelation. Marc Newson, who designed the bottles for the woman's fragrance collection 2 years prior, used a similar design for the new men's collection.

The Fragrances: ORAGE: Demanding attention, Louis Vuitton's ORAGE is a majestic and luminous, embracing the elegance of iris. The fragrance contains a woody scent with a blend of orage, nobility iris with vetiver's vegetal freshness and patchouli leaf heart. The new scent will only leave you craving more.

AU HASARD: Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has cultivated a mysterious scent, the Au Hasard is an exceptional sandalwood scent with notes of milky wood, ambrette seed and a unique musky, peak liqueur scent. This scent defines the codes of woody virility, it is the ultimate fragrance.

SUR LA ROUTE: Sur La Route resonates like the most vivid and demanding heartbeat. The scent is fresh, with a blend of Calabrian citrus, cedrat and bergamot as well as an added grassy green accent and Peruvian balsam.

NOUVEAU MONDE: Nouveau Monde is a tribute to the legendary explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, one of Louis Vuitton's first clients. His travels through Africa inspired the Nouveau Monde, a blend of raw cocoa bean with a rare oud assam. The fragrance is spicy and harmonious. 

L'IMMENSITE: This last fragrance invites you to open your arms wide and set out into the vast sea that flourishes fantasies of total freedom. L'immensite is an ode to freshness, containing a blend whisper of ginger, grapefruit as well as an addictive amber note.

Price per 100ml bottle: $185

Source: Louis Vuitton

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