Glamping for the Jetsetting Traveler – Ranwu Lake Campsite

Located in Lare Village, the Ranwu Lake Campsite is a must visit for anyone travelling around Tibet. Just south of Ranwu Lake, the campsite occupies an area of roughly 70 acres. Eight independent hotel buildings are available on site, each with a breathtaking view of the waterfront and a secluded experience. The campsite offers various travel services to help the modern traveler on their journey, equipped with a medical assistance center, vehicle repair, WIFI, air conditioning, heating and 24-hour hot water.

The main building of the site houses services for travelers such as an information centre, snack bar, coffee, authentic Chinese BBQ buffet and tea bar, Ranwu Lake Campsite offers a glamping experience like no other. The campsite also houses a large, extended platform that stretches out to a lakeside terrace for guests to enjoy the marvelous views of the Tibetan landscape.

Source: Ranwu Lake Campsite

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