HAROLD Camps in Style: The Vipp Shelter

In one sentence, what is the Vipp Shelter?

"5 Star Camping" responds Vipp CEO Kasper Egelund

The Vipp Shelter is not a home, but a only-the-basics industrial loft designed by Morten Bo Jensen. While the design is inspired by airplanes and ships, the Shelter is purposely framed with nature being the main focus of its interior design. The dark tones throughout the Shelter are once again to place emphasis on nature. When you go to sleep, it is to sleep under the stars gazed through the skylight in the bedroom. With the Vipp Shelter, all the work is done for you. The Shelter comes fully furnished down to the last toilet brush, all that's required of you as a customer is to provide the plot of land upon it will sit.

The Shelter can house up to four people with 2 sleeping in the main bedroom and the other two resting comfortably on the day bed in the loft. Ordering a Vipp Shelter costs $585 000 minus delivery and installation costs. The Delivery and production process take about 6 months, but the actual installation takes only 3-5 days.

Watch their video below to get a more in depth look at the Vipp Shelter

Source: Vipp

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