HAROLD’s MEN: Fashion Designer Gabriele Pasini Says

HAROLD's choice for this week's influential man; come and meet Lardini Men's Fashion Designer Gabriele Pasini:

1.What do you think are the top trends for the Fall/Winter?

The iconic checkered lining inside English trench coasts that has migrated to the outwear style, soft silhouettes and high waists that borrows from the Zazou subculture: a French movement during the Vichy regime in France which mimicked English fashion or American Hollywood styles.

2.Favorite brand of underwear?

My favorite underwear brand is Uniqlo.

3.What is your favorite cocktail?

Gin Tonic, with Monkey gin

4.What is your choice hotel to stay at?

La Parc Suite Hotel, in Los Angeles. Love the suites and rooftop pool, perfect for relaxing.

5.What’s your favorite color for the winter (aside from black)?

Anything with pink!

6.What is your choice fragrance?

Molecular Eccentric 001 and a touch of Aramis

7.What do you think the fashion world is lacking for men?

Courage, men should dare more with the colors!

8. Besides yourself, what men’s designer do you love?

Alessandro Sartori, designer from Zegna.

9. Who is your favorite shoe designer?


10.Which is the best Pizzeria in Italy?

Erasmo, good authentic pizza in Modena.





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