Limited Edition Rum: Plantation’s Extrême 1999 N°2 Rum

Plantation's Extrême rum series are perfectly distilled and aged for your enjoyment. Spirits are a reflection of the hand which nurtured them and Plantation's Extrême gum is considered one of the best. Aged fro 15 years in bourbon barrels, Plantation's Extrême 1999 N°2 Rum was nurtured just right before getting shipped to France for an additional 3 yeas of aging in cognac casks, waiting for perfection. Distilled at a now-closed Uitvlugt Distillery, the latest Extrême bottling by Plantation is weighed at Full Proof (119.4) and is extremely exclusive, with only 1,000 bottles produced. The 1999 Extrême N°2 Rum is simply perfect in its natural state. These Extrême rums are found in special barrels within the distillery, perfectly unblended and ready to enjoy.

Price: $199.00 USD

Source: Plantation's Extrême 1999  N°2 Rum

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