Pushing Boundaries: Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Prototype Two

Produced for Yamaha Yard Built, a program that pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and conceptual design, the Prototype Two is one of three prototype bikes from Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Project. Featuring a form and structure inspired by the project’s Prototype One, and colour palettes and material choices from the third design, the Prototype Two is a beautiful combination of all of Type 11’s conceptual designs. The bike’s character headlight not only highlights its curves, but enhances the classical inspirations in the design’s progressive form language.

Available in a strictly limited number, each Type 11 motorcycle will be built to order and custom-tailored according to the specifications of each client. With sleek lines and a perfectly shaped body, the Prototype Two is a dream bike for anyone with an eye for unconventional designs.

Source: Auto Fabrica


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