Rhoda, Hong Kong

Come for the food, stay for the atmosphere.

The latest project from Hong Kong restaurateur Yenn Wong and her JIA Group is Rhoda. Located in Sai Ying Pun, the restaurant opened June 18 and features modern comfort food cooked Western style, over a charcoal grill.

The restaurant was designed by Joyce Wang Studio. The raw industrial look was inspired by the chef and culinary director himself, Nate Green, as a play off his modern comfort food and culinary style. The unique lighting fixtures are re-purposed washing machine drums that have been treated and add to the final look of the place.

The dishes are stunning to behold and absolutely inviting. To give you an idea, pictured above are an Agria Potato Puree with asparagus and truffle, Clams with sweet corn, a slow cooked egg, topped with katsuobushi, and an absolutely scrumptious shellfish stew.

The next time you're stopping by Hong Kong, make sure to make your reservation!

Information and Images sourced from Wallpaper and Rhoda

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